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As a small town bank, we understand the importance of convenience. With our fast money services you will have the convenience of depositing checks, sending money to family and friends, and moving money to and from external accounts all at your fingertips.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (MRDC): Take pictures of checks and deposit them into your checking or savings account through the Deposit Checks tab on your Waterford Bank App.

Person to Person Transfer (P2P)- Send money to family and friends by using their email address or phone number. Get creative with your payments—send emojis, inside jokes, or keep it simple. * You must have a checking account with a debit card to use this service.

Account to Account Transfer (A2A)- Transfer money to and from your Waterford Bank account to an external account, whether it’s checking or savings.

To request these services log into your Waterford Bank Account

  • Click “Messages” on the left side of the screen
  • Click “Or Choose a form to Submit”
  • Choose your Form—“A2A, MRDC, and/or P2P” fill out the form and hit submit
  • Your request will be handled in 2 to 3 business days.

** Fast Money Service Fee–$2.00 per month

This fee includes access to the following three services:  Mobile Remote Deposit Service, A2A Service (External Account to Account transfer) AND P2P Service (Person to Person transfer).

For questions or more information please contact the bank at 740-984-2357.